Welcome to the most happening page for sports entertainment in India. Toyam Industries Limited is launching a series of products and services associated with our Integrated Fight League platform and this page keeps you updated about forthcoming events.

1. Sports Cafe in Mumbai: Our first event is going to be the opening of a Sports Cafe in Mumbai. A sports bar is a place where customers can eat, drink and socialise while watching the latest televised sports events. Since sports bars are tailored to a specific clientele, they have certain business objectives in place to ensure success. Toyam Industries is going one step further in that direction and apart from televised sports events, we will also have special events where one would be able to watch live Kumite fights in a ring while drinking or eating our KIL range of healthy and organic energy drinks, juices and healthy food. Work is currently on for the launch of first such Sports Cafe in India by the month of July 2017. Such events will also have special appearances by known celebrities time to time.


Please stay tuned on this page for more upcoming events, because WE HAVE NOT EVEN STARTED TO KIL YET!!