Health Tips: Now fix your Health with these 5 hacks

Health Tips: Now fix your Health with these 5 hacks

  • A stress-free job:  You don’t always need an eating time-table or a schedule, and calorie charts and various diet plans to tell you what to eat when. Just a small variation, and move to a few healthier dietary habits can do wonders. From picking brown bread over a white one, or opting for fruits over a fried snack can go a long way. Besides, a 10-15 minutes meditation can relieve your worries thereby making you calm and relaxed.


  • Say no to Cold foods (frozen foods):  Research says that frozen fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional richness or value when the are exposed to extreme cold or hot temperature change and moisture levels. A shocking fact that vegetables and fruits are more prone to losses as compared to frozen meats and grains, because they possess highly water soluble vitamins and minerals, which easily get oxidized or lost during the process of freezing.


  • Be Ironic, Be Iconic : An iron-rich diet (containing  a large amount of Haemoglobin contents) will not only boost your immunity, But also helps keep cardiovascular diseases at bay as well as prevents you from gaining weight. A new research has found the relationship between low levels of iron and the risk of heart disease. After various complex operations and analysis of genetic data, a team of study experts have found that foods which are rich in iron could have a protective effect against Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), a type of Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) where arteries which are clogged reduce the total amount of blood reaching the heart.


  • Healthy oil for healthy life:  as the title suggests, fried food or extra oily foods are junk foods and contains too much amount of oil and are not regarded as the best eatables. As a matter of fact, any weight losing diet will ask you to refrain from oil. However, there are some oils that do you good than harm. A sufficient amount of fat is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Adding proper amount of fats to your food, by cooking can help to fill you up and feel refreshed after a meal, as well as improve your health.


  • Make way for Coffee: Drinking coffee is very good for you. Moreover, it can lead to a longer and healthy life, according to a research. In a study research it was found that people who used to drink regular or decaffeinated coffee experienced various health benefits, such as increased longevity. A research also shows that coffee can lower the risk of many diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and Parkinson’s disease and can keep you fresh for a longer period of time.

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