Our Company Public Announcements

arow Outcome of BM dt. 15/03/2018
arow Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)
arow Outcome of BM DATED 12/02/2018
arow Appointment of Mr. Sunil Alagh as Global Strategy Advisor
arow Notice of BM dt. 12/02/2018
arow Insider Trading Disclosure
arow Insider Trading Disclosure
arow Insider Trading Disclosure
arow Insider Trading Disclosure
arow Insider Trading Disclosure
arow Insider trading Disclosure
arow Minutes of Postal Ballot
arow Voting results alongwith scrutinizer report for postal ballot 01/2017-18
arow Name change of K1L Café – Crom Lounge
arow Outcome of BM 14/12/2017
arow Notice of BM dt. 14/12/2017
arow Notice of Postal Ballot 01/2017-18
arow Calendar of events for postal ballot (01/2017-18)
arow Cut-off date for Postal Ballot 01/2017-18
arow Outcome of BM 20/11/2017
arow 32ND AGM Proceedings
arow Combined Scrutinizer report alongwith Voting Results of 32ND AGM
arow Outcome of BM 16/09/2017
arow Appointment of Mr. Shiv Kumar as External Advisor
arow Outcome of BM 14/09/2017
arow Notice Of Bm 14/09/2017
arow Closure Of Trading Window
arow Notice of 32nd AGM
arow Book closure and Cut-off dated 32AGM
arow Calender of events_32 AGM
arow Outcome of BM dated 24.08.2017
arow Shifting of Registered Office
arow First KIL Sports Cafe Launch
arow Abu Dhabi Team Ownership Announcement
arow Appointment of Global Strategy Advisor
arow Outcome of Board meeting dated 19/06/2017
arow Shorter Notice of BM 19/06/2017
arow Outcome of BM 27/05/2017
arow Notice of BM 27/05/2017
arow Outcome of BM 28/04/2017
arow Outcome of BM 06/03/2017
arow Notice of BM 06/03/2017
arow Outcome 10/02/2017
arow Notice of BM dt. 10.02.2017
arow Outcome of BM 25/01/2017
arow Notice of BM 25/01/2017
arow Postal ballot Result
arow Notice of Postal Ballot
arow Outcome of BM 24.11.2016
arow Notice of BM_14-11-2016
arow Outcome of board meeting 12-11-2016
arow Notice of BM 12-11-2016
arow Notice of postal ballot 2016
arow Outcome BM 17-10-2016
arow Notice of BM 17-10-201
arow Disclosure of Voting Results_AGM 2016
arow Outcome Scrutinizer report result agm
arow Proceding of agm
arow Change in Venue and Timings of AGM
arow Outcome of BM_11.08.2016
arow Notice of BM_11.08.2016
arow Outcome of BM_21.07.2016
arow Notice of BM_21.07.2016
arow Outcome of BM_30.05.2016
arow Notice of BM_30.05.2016
arow Outcome of BM_12.05.2016
arow Notice of BM_12.05.2016
arow Outcome 28.03.2016
arow Notice 28.03.2016
arow Notice 13.02.2016
arow Outcome 13.02.2016
arow Notice 4.1.2016
arow Outcome 4.1.2016
arow Outcome of AGM_24.08.2015
arow Notice of BM_29.05.2015
arow Outcome 29.05.2015
arow Notice of BM_25.05.2015
arow Outcome 25.05.2015
arow Notice 14.03.2015
arow Outcome 20.01.2015
arow Notice of BM_20.01.2015
arow Outcome of BM 22.12.2014
arow Notice of BM_22.12.2014
arow Outcome 27.01.2014
arow Outcome 09.08.2013
arow Outcome 15.07.2013
arow Outcome 15.03.2013
arow Outcome 28.02.2013
arow Outcome 15.01.2013
arow Outcome 27.12.2012
arow Outcome 17.10.2012
arow Outcome 01.10.2012
arow Outcome 29.09.2012
arow Outcome 19.07.2012
arow Outcome 21.06.2012
arow Outcome 31.05.12
arow Outcome 25.04.2012
arow outcome 13.03.2012
arow Outcome 16.02.2012
arow Outcome 31.01.2012
arow Outcome 18.12.2011
arow Outcome 15.11.2011
arow Outcome 09.11.2011
arow Outcome 02.09.2011
arow Outcome 30.07.2011
arow Outcome 28.08.2012