The fitness and wellness sector in India has come a long way from the days of the local ‘akhadas’ to wrestling now being a part of the international Olympics, with India actively taking part in it and winning medals for the country. Today fitness industry in India, is chiefly driven towards heath, well-being, good looks and confidence. Resistance training, aerobics, Zumba, aerial yoga, Pilates, MMA, kickboxing etc. have become the fitness trends over a few years in India. In India, the total retail market for fitness as a category is valued at Rs. 7000 Crores and growing at 16-18 per cent. Community centers in residential societies and even apartment complexes nowadays, invariably hosts a gym. Small home gyms are also coming up in the houses of business tycoons, industrialists, sport icons, celebrities, socialites and fitness freaks who can afford the price and the space. Now, there are even personalized gyms to meet their specific whims and fancies.

Toyam Industries Limited is launching India’s first resident, full combat training facilities in major cities of India, in association with a world class MMA gym. Talks are currently underway for a franchise and licensing with Tiger Muay Thai, world’s biggest and most recognized MMA and fitness training camp.