Health FB

Health F&B market in India has crossed Rs. 10000 Crores and is still only 10% of the total F&B market. The sector is estimated to grow at the rate of 25% per year.  The health & wellness market of India has been growing at healthy growth rates for past few years. The growing awareness for healthier lifestyle is the major reason behind the same. The health food and beverages market in India is witnessing double digit year-on-year growth for quite a few years now, as a result of changing lifestyle, improving disposable income, growing health awareness, etc. Malted food products, baby food products, and cooking oils are the top three preferred products in the health foods and beverages market of India. Other popular health food segments in the country are energy drinks, chyawanprash, fruit juices, butter alternatives, digestive biscuits, health drinks etc.

Toyam Industries Limited is launching its K1L Health F&B chain of products. The company is starting with limited products, namely Mineral water, Energy Drinks, Protein shakes, Fat Burners, Snack bars, and Hydrating liquids in the current year and a complete chain of organic products like Wheat, Cereal, Seeds and Nuts in the subsequent year.