Over the past 10 years, Sports as an Industry has changed fundamentally. Today, Sports is not just an active platform for marketing and creating branding opportunities for corporates investing in Sports, but also creating value for fans across the world. Sporting leagues across the world have invited valuable support and presence of corporate sector.

All leagues have had varying levels of success in generating fan base, inviting sponsorships and ensuring financial viability and profitability for team promoters.

Fans also prove to be an interesting mix, with each being a loyal audience to a specific sport. Fan base is critical for the survival of the brand and its reach. Once success follows, it can always be monetized later.
With formation and popularization of Sporting leagues, there is now an increased opportunity for young talent at the grassroots level to showcase themselves at a global platforms like UFC, NBA, IPL, ISL etc.

These leagues have offered immense exposure to not just local players but also to some international sporting legends. Realizing the impact of Sports on the entire economy, industry and entertainment, Toyam Industries Limited board has decided to venture into the business of Sports and Entertainment. We have put together a great board of Executive Officers and Advisors to launch this venture on a grand scale which would redefine the concept of a Sports League across the globe.