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Details of Business

Toyam industries limited which was originally incorporated on 25th January, 1985 with the name of Chetram Balkrishnan limited under the provisions of the companies act, 1956. Later the name of the company had been changed from Chetram Balkrishnan limited to Ojas asset reconstruction company limited vide fresh roc certificate dated 10th November, 2009.

To diversify the business activities of the company in 2016 once again the name of the company was changed from Ojas asset Reconstruction Company limited to Toyam industries limited with the change in main object from securitization and asset reconstruction to general business and trading activities. Vide fresh roc certificate dated 20th December, 2016. Further, in the board meeting dated 28th April, 2017, it was resolved to expand and diversify the business of the company in all kinds of activities related to sports, fitness, fashion, films, entertainment or any other general.

Toyam industries ltd. Is the only listed company in Bombay stock exchange in the category of sports marketing and management.

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business of all kinds of sports, gaming, fitness, food and beverages, gyms, sports cafe, fashion, films or any other genre for maximizing commercial and social benefit, import export, producing, packaging, marketing all kinds of sport/fitness related merchandise, products, equipment, accessories, supplements, nutrition's, wellness medication, producing, executing, marketing, conceptualizing all formats of sports/entertainment related materials in all existing and available in future formats, including but not restricted to gaming, TV, cable, internet, mobile, radio, print etc. managing, promoting, marketing celebrities in entertainment and sports internationally as well as manufacturing, marketing, importing, exporting entertainment/sports/fitness related toys, memorabilia, products, themes, IPR concepts. and To carry on in India or elsewhere the business of industrial or otherwise utility service like mechanized housekeeping, gardening, security service, system cleaning, ETP / STP erection & maintenance, supply of manpower for machine maintenance, Plant maintenance, conservancy services, consultancy services & job work for various industrial products (manufacturing) transportation services for manpower & material and/or relating to the rendering of related services of any other business including but not restricted in the field of health services or otherwise , with government or otherwise, as the Company shall think fit and to act as marketing services assembler, buyer, seller, importers, exporters, agent, distributors, collaborator, commission agent, alter, repair, modify, let on hire, deal, market and trade, stockiest & dealers in the fields of marketing of utility & industrial, services, etc. for all applications with any government, central, state, quasigovernmental, judicial, quasi-judicial, local, foreign or public body or person or authority or with any privy individuals, Firm, association, etc directly or otherwise. and to carry on in India or elsewhere the business of manufacturer, trader, buyer, seller, reseller, dealer, producer, processer, printer, designer, distributor, importer, exporter, wholesaler, retailer, improver, job worker, agent, broker, factor, stockiest, consultant, collaborator, commission agents in all kinds of textile goods, allied products, by products and substitute for all or any of them and to treat and utilize any waste arising from any such manufacture, production or process and converters of synthetic, artificial and natural and fiber glass into materials like cloth, tapes, ropes, yarns, twines and such other articles as may be conveniently produced or manufactured including decorative hand and machine-made readymade garments and all other articles and to trade and invest in agricultural products and byproducts, homemade products and services, precious metals, stones, Jewelry and real estate activates and to trade, invest deal, manufacturing and distribution in any manner in all kinds of Commodities, Stock in trade, goods, services, shares, securities and chattels, to act as money monger, borrower, advisor, consultant in such manner as the Company shall think fit and to engage in dissemination of information in all aspects of businesses, organizations and industries in India and to advice upon the means and methods for extending and developing system or processes relating to production, storage, distribution, marketing and securing of orders for sale of goods in India and abroad and/or relating to the rendering of services of any other business as the Company shall think fit.