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K1 Cafe

KIL SPORTS CAFE is a Combat Sports theme based 1000 to 3000 sq. feet café, inspired by the Raw Cage Effect. A special health menu, offering mouthwatering delicacies, beverages, shishas and coolers promise to make KIL Café the new youth hangout.

KIL SPORTS CAFE is a sports theme based cafe looking to attract the increasing number of people who love various sports. It will cater to the burgeoning upper middle class and sports enthusiasts especially of fight leagues and shorter versions of cricket (Twenty20). It will offer separate sitting places to watch different games live on TV. A perfect spot to gather with friends to enjoy your favorite sporting event. Its highly sophisticated sound proof systems will make you feel like you are actually at the game with healthy Food & Beverages.

Majority of the cafes in India do not provide an adequate facility where friends can hang out and enjoy their favorite sports action.We will focus on youth segment first, because these are the opinion leaders. Because youth mostly are involved in sports activity so we will go first for youth and we can attract children also as KIL Sports Cafes will feature a KIL gaming zone. This would help us attract families as well and keep the old aged groups interested to come and have some drinks, snacks and games whatever they like. We will reward the regular visitors with loyalty programs.

The business will focus on establishing a sports theme restaurant where people can enjoy their favorite sports on the large screen TV, or just talk about it with friends while enjoying our tasty and healthy food and drinks.

Cafes and other expensive eatery outlets seem to be the in-thing with the young and rich people now a days. When deciding on which place to eat at, people usually consider the quality, price, ambiance and style. Often, new places are tried just because they offer something different. We aim to capitalize on this and see the sports theme as our unique selling proposition.

The benefit of the product offered by KIL SPORTS CAFE is

  • Healthy Food & Beverages
  • Sports encouragement in youth
  • Healthy activity time spending
  • Special events will be organized time to time where live fighting matches will be organized in a ring surrounded by patrons.

One thing is sure, KIL Sports Cafe is going to be the coolest (and the hottest) place to hang out. Don’t miss out on KI Ling action!