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Kumite 1 League

The Game

Pankration was fought in a tournament format with the winners advancing through into the finals. Competitors used a number of striking techniques, such as kicks or a number of submission holds that ranged from arm bars to full on chokes.

One of the earliest forms of martial art that combined many characteristics was Bartitsu. Practitioners would use multiple techniques that incorporated boxing, wrestling, fencing, savate and a form of French stick fighting. Bartitsu also combined ju-jitsu and judo but only as a means of last resort when in close combat.

The sport placed a heavy emphasis on boxing and understanding “the foot” aka footwork.

Heralded as the “father of mixed martial arts” by many, Bruce Lee created the martial art system known as JeetKune Do. Believing that the best fighting style was “no style,” Lee created one of the true forms of mixed martial arts.

Breaking away from the norms of more structured traditional martial arts, JeetKune Do has no set parameter and is ever-changing. Lee used his philosophy to set a precedent for future martial artists to branch out and seek the best of every martial art. Lee’s intention was

not to build a “super martial art” but rather take what worked from each fighting system and apply it to his own talents.

Lee’s famous words “Be like water” continue to be an inspiration to many martial artists today.

Originating in Brazilian circuses, Vale Tudo became a popular exhibition of martial arts and skill in the country of Brazil.

Featuring an “anything goes” style of fight, Vale Tudo was both exciting and deadly. Following some incidents of brutality, the sport was forced into the underground circuit.

Before the UFC brought MMA to the United States, Japanese spectators were busy enjoying one of the earliest forms of modern MMA.

Shooto and Pancrase were the two primary organizations that featured “shoot” wrestling matches. Pancrase followed a rule set much similar to professional wrestling as closed-fist punches to the head were illegal and rope breaks for submission holds were even allowed.

With the formation of the UFC and Pride, the modern sport of mixed martial arts finally took form. The rivalry between the organizations was legendary during the 1990s and early 2000s.

With the UFC’s acquisition of Pride, the American organization became the undisputed No. 1 promotion in the world.

The Philosophy

In today’s turbulent times, the lost young generation is saddled with loneliness, grief and confusion with no clean path or direction. The online revolution has stolen the biggest foundation ‘Sports’ away from the youth.

An integrated sports platform uses this key element of a high intensity MMA sport as a platform in the form of THE KIL LEAGUE to drive across one clear message to the youth. The message of discipline, focus, resilience, patience and willpower the youth can be empowered to face any adversity or obstacle in life. We at Toyam Industries Limited believe that every individual today is a fighter and the fight is not restricted to the ‘Ring’.

The philosophy of the Integrated Sports Platform is to create ‘RoleModels’ from among the fighters in the League through social media and publicity and seep into the minds of the youth through a spectrum of related business models like, KIL, KIL Healthcare, KIL Hospitality (Resident Training Gyms), KIL Arena (Live Fights & a Bar Setup), KIL Café (Health Food Based cafes), KIL Merchandise (Online & Retail) & KIL Gaming etc.

We at TIL are starting from India, will move towards the UAE and eventually will expand our footprint to Europe and the USA. The KIL platform is proud to have already started its CSR activity KIL ‘F’ (Training women in the form of self-defence over a free weekend course at our KIL Training Facility). We have successfully trained over 35000 such female students so far.

The Thought

Brace yourselves for the world’s most exciting Fight League, which promises to pack a punch and raise the bar in the field of sport fighting!!

The logo

A carefully designed logo with the colour Red, which stands for Energy, Vibrancy & Blood which epitomizes the need for family bonding, has been subtly ingrained in the logo concept and acts as a sublimed message to the youth whenever they see or spot it.

The dragon on top of the logo has been implemented carefully. Chinese dragons are legendary creatures, in folklore the dragon traditionally symbolizes potent and auspicious powers, particularlycontrol over the elements like water (Rainfall, typhoons and floods). The dragon is also a symbol and good luck.

The white background symbolizes ‘Peace’, and integral quest for all humans who are running forward trying to attain it. We believe that true peace can only be attained by surrendering, stepping back and looking within, hence the white background intelligently delivers a sublimed message of restraint and looking within to the youth.